The Art of the Meaningful










24th –27th May 2020


Sarum College Salisbury


Cathedral Close

The conference is unfortunately postponed – stay tuned to our website!


Creativity is the natural condition of the human being, which can wither like an unused muscle or flourish and grow when well-exercised and nourished. Non-verbal thought processes contribute to creative insight. These are often overlooked, like the unseen part of the iceberg that lies hidden beneath the waterline. Such thought processes are the source of as-yet-unknown creative insight, lead-ing the way to emerging futures and ethical responsibility.

In this conference, educators and international research specialists working in the field of creativity, provide an overview and experience of working with the full spectrum of creative thinking skills for innovation and insight across all domains and disciplines.

The talks will be supported and deepened by practical, hands-on workshops and group discussions, which will form part of on-going research and development. The practical workshops do not assume prior experience and have been designed to provide energising challenges for all levels of experience.

Coinciding with the Salisbury International Arts Festival and 800th anniversary of the founding of the cathedral, the conference offers an invigorating experience to nourish and inspire educators, prob-lem-solvers, artists and innovators in all areas of endeavour.

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Acknowledging Creative Thinking Skills